Little Box is a metaphor for the soul or for whatever it is where all our feelings, experiences, expectations and dreams are safeguarded. A metaphor for what makes us who we are. Each box is different than the other, and has its own unique story. Listening to these tracks will give you an insight in my story and a little sneak peek in my box. Making this music was a form of auto therapy and a creative self expression, which is something I needed badly. However, it is not only its creation that makes it so important in my life. Music is my sanctuary, with immense power to remove me from reality. Just picture yourself sitting on a bus, playing a tune and finding yourself in a completely different place. It's something that I've always found mesmerizing and something I want to communicate to you. And it goes both ways. It'll make me very happy if you like my music, but if it also creates mental images, brings back memories and emotions, I've achieved my goal. That's ultimately the reaction I was hoping to get. So if that's the case, feel free to share your pictures, drawings, short stories or whatever it is that describes how you feel or what you see by listening to the songs, and send it to me on Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!. I would be very happy if you share your thoughts with me, and if you like to share it with the world, just let me know, I will post the most creative pieces on my official web page.


About the Photos

Through these photos, I tried to visually emphasise the meaning of my songs. Since, I am not a photographer myself, I had asked my dear friend Ana Danilovic, to try and capture the essence of the songs and show it in pictures. For some of the songs I tried to explain what I'd like to see, and some she felt herself while listening and came up with her visual presentation...


All compositions, arrangements and scratches by Rade Sklopic Raid, except Muk: Original composition: Milos Petrovic. Interpretation by SerbianJazzBre. Remixed and arranged by Rade Sklopic Raid  /  Violin solos  Filip Krumes  /  String Quartet on Opening:  Violin: Filip Krumes, 2nd Violin: Milena Rajkovic, Viola: Milena Martinov Stojkovic, Cello: Vartan Baronijan  /  Alto Saxophone  Max Kochetov  /  Piano on Muk  Aleksandar Jovanovic Sljuka  /  Vocals on Muk  Nevena Jelic  /  All instruments recorded by Janko Maras (Digimedia Studio)  /  Mix & Master Milan Markovic Lane  /  Photographer  Ana Danilovic  /  Art direction & concept  Ana Danilovic & Rade Sklopic Raid  /  Editing  Ana Danilovic & Marko Simic  /  Models  Aleksandra Djelmas, Miroslav Ivanovic, Snezana Popovic  /  Cover art & design  Marko Simic  /  Text author  Rade Sklopic Raid  /  Translation & proofreading  Maja Popov  /  Released by Insane Catz Records  /  Label manager  Marko Marjanovic