DJ and composer Rade Sklopic - known as "Raid" - was born in 1985, in Vršac, Serbia. In the beggining of the 1990s, he had moved to Switzerland with his family, where his music career began. At the age of 15 he started performing as a DJ. By tenaciously practicing scratching, he won the first place in one of Switzerland's scratching competition at the age of 18, leaving two later DMC champions behind him. The first official release on which he featured, was "In Fidem" by rapper "Tenor MC". Raid is one of the co-founders of Swiss rap crew PG4, which published their debut album "Phalanx" in 2007. In the years that followed, he featured on releases by some of the greatest names of international and Balkan Hip Hop scene, where he established himself as one of the leading turntablism DJs. Talking turntablism, his greatest achievement is the fact that he featured on DJ Revolution’s album “King of the Decks”, where he was found among some of the legendary DJs, such as Q-Bert, Premier and Jazzy Jeff. In 2010 he returns to Serbia, where he is in charge of Belgrade's first DJ workshop. It was his 'will to share what he loves most and to give something back to the youth', that brought him to founding "DJ Radionica". His most prominent success during his work in the Balkans was close collaboration with Marcelo, which dates back to 2005. Today, his main focuse is on composing: on Marcelo's previous albums, he composed some of the songs that made it to the top of the charts. He wrote the music for the plays “Alone together”(Zajedno sami), “Class enemy” (in the theatre DADOV) and “Nightmare explorer” (Youth theatre, Novi Sad), and he also did a song for the new Kolibri album, which marked the 50th anniversary of this children’s choir. 

His first solo album "Little Box" was released in 2015, on his 30th birthday. The album was chosen for one of the best releases of the year by several worldwide radio stations. Currently he is working on his next album.


 "I went all the way to Switzerland to recruit one of the sickest new kids on the cut, DJ Raid. Dude is a MONSTER!" - DJ Revolution